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Spirit AeroSystems purchases Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI)

On January 10, Spirit closed its purchase of Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI). FMI is an industry-leading technology company specializing in high-temperature materials and composites primarily for defense. Their unique capabilities have position them as a leader in 3D woven carbon-carbon high-temperature materials for hypersonic missiles, which the Department of Defense has identified as a national [...]


FMI is one of the top providers of reentry material for the space industry. With decades of experience in the space industry, FMI has a wealth of knowledge of space applications and solutions for such environments.

PMC Composites

FMI’s Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) are lightweight, high strength, fiber reinforced composites capable of withstanding a wide range of challenging thermal and environmental conditions...


45 years in the defense industry has allowed FMI to become well known for its specialty carbon composites. FMI supplies material for several different government agencies and seeks to provide the best materials possible for national defense.


PICA is a low density ablative material used for atmospheric entry or reentry vehicles...


For high temperature applications in commercial aviation, FMI offers several product lines that provide a lightweight solution. Lower temperature applications can benefit from the use of PMCs as an alternative to metals.

Ceramic Matrix Composites

Oxidation and erosion-resistant Silicon Carbide matrix composites for propulsion and thermal protection applications...

Carbon Carbon

Carbon Carbon composite has exceptional mechanical strength and stability at high temperatures (up to 3,000°C) which make it an ideal material for rocket motor nozzle inserts...

HHNTM Adhesive

HHNTM Adhesive is used to form carbon or graphite bonds. Heat treatment provides a strong bond at temperatures up to 5000°F allowing adhesion to foil and FiberForm® insulation as well as carbon and graphite felts...

FiberForm Cement

FiberForm® Cement is designed to provide a strong, high temperature bond to fibrous carbon and graphite insulation such as FMI’s FiberForm® Rigid Insulation...