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FILCARBTM Hot Pressing Molds and Pistons

FILCARB™ molds manufactured using the filament winding system, and carbon/carbon pistons manufactured from carbon or graphite fabric, provide a superior hot pressing system with increased cycle life...

Development, Characterization

Multi-directionally reinforced polymer matrix composites with unique architectural designs and no thickness limitations have been designed, developed, manufactured, and characterized for use in structural applications. Challenges to manufacturing these materials included implementation of single-step preform manufacture, managing thermal effects during densification, and process scale-up.  Application of finite element analysis to translate raw materials and microstructural [...]

FMI Releases New Website & Company Rebrand

In support of our efforts to align our business with customer needs, FMI has been rebranded with a new design and segments to better fit our customers’ needs. Explore our new website to learn more about our growth and future plans.

Energy Materials Testing Laboratory (EMTL)

EMTL is one of the few highly advanced and expertly equipped laboratories in the world, with high performance measurement capabilities and comprehensive data acquisition. Our laboratory handles standard and non-standard configurations ranging from micro-specimens to full-size components. We house the full resources for sample machining and preparation, non-destructive evaluation, quality control and pre- to post-test analysis and documentation. EMTL puts the needs of our clients first, tailoring programs to meet our clients’ application objectives and scheduling priorities.

Thermal Testing Services

Focused on high temperature testing, EMTL is one of only a few labs in the US that has the capabilities to test materials at temperatures up to 2760°C.

Mechanical Testing Services

EMTL has the capability to perform a full spectrum of mechanical testing services, specializing in performing mechanical testing at temperatures ranging from -195°C to 2760°C.

Non-Destructive Testing Services

The Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) laboratory utilizes radiography and/or other approaches to assist clients in obtaining quality assurance.


From: Ohio Aerospace Institute

For: Innovation Award for the thermal protection system for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory

From: Morton Thiokol Inc. For: Certificate of Appreciation for participation in Achieving Air Force Final Operational Capability

From: Aerojet For: Quality Material Supplier of Aerojet Solid Propulsion Effort