Fiber Materials Inc. offers carbon and graphite felt in a variety of widths and thicknesses to meet a wide range of applications. Felt material is generally used as thermal insulation in inert and vacuum furnaces. For special applications, this felt is available with graphite coatings, which will reduce the permeability of the felt and improve its resistance to erosion. These products are easy to cut and install and can be sewn in place using carbon cordage. Additionally, FMI’s carbon and graphite felt is also available in a rigid form that is able to be manufactured into shapes including Baffles, Cylinders and Rings.

FMI’s felt can be surface coated with TC-2™, graphite foil, or carbon/carbon face plates to provide a longer useful life for insulation systems used in rapid gas quenching operations all resulting in longer useful life of the insulation system.


  • High temperature use – CH to 1250°C, GH to 2300°C
  • Low density and low thermal mass
  • High Thermal Resistance
  • CH carbon – carbon content >94.0%
  • GH graphite – carbon content >99.7%
  • FMI’s felt can be surface coated with TC-2™ or carbon/carbon face plates, or foil laminated to one side
  • No outgassing
  • Low ash and Sulphur contents
  • Extremely stable, uniform and free of voids


  • Coated felt provides a longer useful life for insulation systems used in rapid gas quenching operations. This results in a longer useful life and reduced replacement costs
  • No out-gassing reduces contamination during heat treating process.
  • Material is easily cut into shapes and can be conformed to complex curves
  • Energy savings due to minimal heat losses


  • Conformable insulation materials for heat treating of metals, ceramics and carbides
  • Conformable insulation materials for crystal growing and turbine blade manufacturing