FMI Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) are designed to replace refractory metals and other materials in high temperature applications where erosion or deformations are a concern. The materials are manufactured in net-shape braided and multi-directionally reinforced billet configurations to suit complex designs in a variety of propulsion and thermal protection applications. Carbon fiber preform and ceramic matrix systems offer an array of design parameters to yield optimal engineered solution for end use.

FMI CMCs have been successfully demonstrated in a number of applications, including the NASA Orion Launch Abort System Attitude Control Motor Pad Abort (PA-1) test in May 2010.


  • Excellent Structural Performance
  • Environmental Barrier Coating provides Erosion and Oxidation Resistance at High Temperatures
  • Resistance to Thermal Shock
  • Lower Density and Thermal Conductivity than Refractory Metals


  • Maintains form in demanding operating environment
  • Significant weight savings compared to refractory metals in similar application
  • Protects actuators and control mechanisms


  • Propulsion and Divert and Attitude Control Systems
  • Gas Flow Components
  • Thermal Protection Systems and Thrust Control Flaps
  • High Performance Brake Systems
  • Turbine Components• Fusion and Fission Reactor Components