FiberForm® rigid insulation is a low density, rigid, carbon fiber insulation material designed to operate in vacuum and inert furnaces at temperatures up to 5000°F (2750°C). FiberForm® insulation can be supplied with a variety of coatings from TC-2™ graphite reflective paint for applications requiring a greater resistance to physical or chemical attack. Horizontal fiber orientation of FiberForm® insulation results in excellent through-the -thickness thermal insulation properties. Additionally, this high quality product has an increased resistance to chemical deterioration and moisture absorbance. FiberForm® insulation is available as boards, cylinders and discs.


  • Low vapor pressure at high temperatures
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low permeability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Uniform Grain Structure
  • Customize TC-2 coated and foil faced boards
  • Available in boards, cylinders, discs and machined into complex configurations


  • Money savings as a result of rapid furnace heating and cooling due to low mass
  • Easy to install, maintain and repair
  • Can be shaped by sawing drilling or machining
  • Coated boards provide a greater resistance to physical or chemical attack
  • Energy savings due to minimal heat losses


  • Spill trays for crystal growing furnaces
  • Thermal insulation for vacuum or inert gas furnaces
  • Hot-zone insulation