FMI’s Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) are lightweight, high strength, fiber reinforced composites capable of withstanding a wide range of challenging thermal and environmental conditions. We have the capability to dramatically change the material properties through customization of fiber types, architecture, resin system, fiber spacing, and fiber volume. Further specialization can be achieved through integration of vertical plane steps, chamfered corners, and selective yarn placement, providing enhanced transitional performance. While all PMCs take advantage of the combined property benefits of a tailored fiber and matrix system, only FMI’s solution uses a proprietary weaving technique that improves material performance by using uncrimped fibers and placing fiber reinforcements in three or more directions, even at equal fiber volumes. The unparalled strength provided by the uncrimped fiber reinforcement results in very unique benefits that only FMI can provide:

  • Eliminates the weakness inherent in traditional 2D or 3D composites
  • Increased material thicknesses over traditional 2D or 3D processes
  • Distinct strength to weight ratio advantage over metals

This distinct feature of FMI’s PMCs in combination with a material system that can be tailored to your needs provides an excellent product that meets your specific application needs. Contact us today to discuss your application and specific material systems.