On January 10, Spirit closed its purchase of Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI). FMI is an industry-leading technology company specializing in high-temperature materials and composites primarily for defense. Their unique capabilities have position them as a leader in 3D woven carbon-carbon high-temperature materials for hypersonic missiles, which the Department of Defense has identified as a national priority.

Acquiring FMI aligns with the company’s strategic growth objectives to diversify its customer base and expand the current defense business. FMI’s advanced capabilities in high-temperature materials, combined with Spirit’s expertise in industrializing next-generation aerostructures, creates a critical capability to industrialize state-of the-art defense technologies essential for the advancement of hypersonic weapons.

FMI is based in Biddeford, Maine, and has approximately 230 employees at two facilities in the state. The company’s main operations focus on multidirectionally reinforced composites that enable high-temperature applications such as: thermal protection systems, re-entry vehicle nose tips as well as rocket throats and nozzles. FMI’s products are currently on the Trident D5, Standard Missile, PAC 3, THAAD and NASA programs such as Stardust, Mars Curiosity, Orion and Mars 2020.